House for sale in Cebu, Philippines P4.2m

A friend of mine has asked me to advertise his house after problems with realtors over pricing and other things which have caused the house to be on the market longer than it needs to be. So here it is.. I have been to the property several times as other friends of mine rented it while they were living in Cebu before they went back to the UK. Its in good condition and the kitchen extended on the back means all the cooking heat goes out the back of the house instead of building up in seated areas.

The sub-division itself is well guarded and has at least 2 guards 24/7 which will not let people enter without ID. The sub-division does have a pool and regular proactive resident meetings. Clean quiet sub division.

The house as you can see is in very good condition and well laid out :-


The house itself is only up for sale as my friend owns another where he now resides in Mindanao. The same reason the photos aren’t real estate savvy as I am waiting for John to recover from a recent illness to come up so we can take some new Photos. If your interested drop me an email at

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