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One thing that many people overlook when buying a property in the Philippines is the wiring. Although it may not be the first thought on your mind its one of the biggest causes of fire in the Philippines. Ive seen low voltage speaker cables used to run mains straight from sockets or even used as mains cable. The problem you get with low rated cables is heat build up which eventually causes these cables to catch fire. On top of that due to the compact streets and alleyways a lot of these fires get well out of control before anything can be done. So if your looking to buy or lease a property here. Please be aware that its very likely your cables could be potentially dangerous. Best way to deal with the situation is buy from another expat where possible as they are likely to have carried out the repairs/changes of cables in the time theyve owned/leased the property aswell as the fact many mod-cons that wouldnt normally be in a property have already likely been added. Such as electric showers,water tanks, solar heating tanks,electric pump,smoke detectors,EU or US standard sockets,good quality toilet equipment. Ive added a few tips that you may find useful for home or work. If your not sure how fatal these fires can be just do a search on google for “electrical fires philippines”

A few fire safety tips :-

1. Avoid electrical overloading.

2. Unplug all electrical appliances after every use.

3. Check all electrical installations regularly.

4. Check gas stoves and LPG tanks for leaks.

5. Keep children away from flammable liquids, lighters and matches.

6. Avoid smoking in bed.

7. Ensure you have a pre-fire plan at your residence or office.

8. Do not leave lighted mosquito coils unattended.

9. Always take extra precautions while cooking.

10. Never leave lighted candles unattended.

11. Do not throw lighted cigar or cigarette butts on dried leaves and garbage.

12. Strictly obey the no smoking signs.

13. Maintain proper housekeeping to eliminate fire hazards.

14. Check fire protection gadgets or devices of appliances and equipment regularly.

15. Be fire-safety conscious.

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  1. Jeff
    September 8, 2011 at 3:34 am

    Hi Matt, like to start a dialog with you regarding my plans to live in Barretto. I have been there several times and ready to retire. If you have time or are interested, please send me an email.

    Best wishes,
    Jeff Pitman
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