Horror story of trying to construct a house in the Philippines and helping at the same time

I came across this story some time ago as an expat was dealing with the frustrations of trying to build his first home here in the Philippines. Like all things it started with good intentions.

As the project started everything seemed fine and as time went on the budgets started to need more materials and while the work was ongoing he noticed a younger guy there who worked hard and talked to him why he didn’t get a trade as he was just fetching and carrying at which the reply came that he couldn’t afford to get trained. When asked again what we would want to do if he could choose he replied a plumber. So an agreement was made between the expat and the worker that he would go to college and study and still carry out some duties at the construction site. The expat went to the college paid the fees and for two days didn’t hear anything so went to the college to check if he was studying to find the worker had cashed in the fees and wasn’t at college. Couple of weeks later the same guy arrived asking if he could work as he had no money (spent all the stolen tuition fees) the expat being a bit softer than me let him work and at the end of the day the expats wife refused to let the guy leave. At which point the expat was confused why and his wife asked that the guy be searched as they knew he couldn’t be trusted after the tuition fee issue at which point they found stolen tools and this is where things started to awaken with the expat as he found out all the workers were stealing materials and selling them to the neighbours. During the night neighbours were also sending kids over and under the fences to steal more materials.

It was at this point being nice, fair and trusting went out the window and the expat went off to the market to cool down. There were people begging and being annoyed he just waved them on. A couple of missionaries were passing at the time and broke into giving a piece of their mind about not helping the beggars which resulted in the expat telling them where to go as well…