Honesty is the best policy.

As things have progressed over the years I think people forget why all the blogs started.Because originally information was distorted on forums or out of date back in 2007 for Philippines information.

Some of it on purpose where people would take things off on a tangent to suit themselves ignoring basic etiquettes online. But often it was a case of people not knowing but still wanting to give input but instead of talking from knowledge or admitting they didn’t know they simply “interfere” giving false information.

The other side being information unavailable because people only want to talk about the “good sides” of life in the Philippines. Which in reality is useless to most people as it gives a very distorted view. Same as many unwilling to admit failures or problems if something went wrong or didn’t work out. Its very often I have seen people blaming Filipino’s for mistakes they made. E.g. can’t trust my brother inlaw to run the Jeepney business yet at no point taking responsibility to the fact the person funding it. As well as the brother in-law having no experience or knowledge in operating the business.

When I started the blog it put some of this in perspective as we made money on all our ideas. But often it just isn’t worth the time and effort in relation to the amount made in Western perspective. Yet every now and again because you try you hit gold and get something that does work.

Which gets to my main point if you don’t try how will you know? If everyone tells you something won’t work yet they have no knowledge or experience why would they be right?

Reality is those who are successful in the Philippines are normally business savvy and can adapt to the environment. Those who fail often have pipe dream ideas that they haven’t thought out completely but once committed just go along with.

Fact is sticking to what you know or prepare to get on a steep learning curve and focusing yourself on making it work.

When I started the call centre it was based on knowledge. The initial contracts come from work I already carry out and was more on an administrative role utilising data processing staff. It made over P300,000 in its first 6 weeks.

The “call centre” as a sales business started from having a budget and expectation of losing money in the beginning. The first month it was a struggle to break even but the whole point is I expected to make a loss. Yet where do you find on any expat forum people talking about losing money?

Which gets me back to the point of everything in the blog has been from a real perspective and real life in the Philippines. There has never been a need to prove anything to anyone yet I find people often get hung up on the forums over nothing. Too much unproductive time creates most of the issues people suffer with as they argue with each other often for the sake of arguing.

So what would I say to someone moving to the Philippines today? I would say get information from the forums but be selective on who you engage with and what about. Its strange how people turn on each other and there is an odd troll here and there that stokes the fire on purpose.

Its a pity as the resource could be very useful and has been previously. On a conversation with some of the guys from the 2007 time things changed, some caused by trolls other issues were ego derived. But if someone is giving you advice on the Philippines ask how long they have lived there. As many of those people online don’t even live in the Philippines but still “plan” to retire there which means you know as much as they do. Which can be annoying and frustrating as I see the damage some of these people do.

Honesty is always the best policy in life and if someone cannot accept a “question” such as do you live in the Philippines? then they are already someone not worth talking to. In the same way asking where someone got the information they quote as gospel is also Ok to ask. You will either get a negative response or a positive one but the important bit if its negative just ditch the person.