Honda Motorcycles In The Philippines Debate

honda-CBR-150cc Philippines

The what motorcycle debate is still on-going and I just wanted to share the bikes that are “available” because lets be honest its availability in the Philippines that is the main issue as it limits my options considerably. This is the CBR 150cc motorcycle in the photo which is a beautiful machine but the issue with it is P150,000 its too pricey to justify. When I first moved to the Philippines I always based everything I bought on the fact could I afford to lose it? at P150,000 to have it stolen would not go down too well even though it would be my first choice to slap half of it down in deposit and pay the other P75,000 off over 3 yrs. As for sure it would last a lot longer than that which sort of justifies it mentally against buying a Chinese bike.

Honda CB 110cc

Next on the list is the Honda CB 110cc which is looking a sure favourite at the moment. Everyone who I have talked to from outside of the Philippines who enjoys bikes hates the under bone style and this design is more typical to what we would find in Europe. I’m not too concerned about top end as reliability and economic miles is more important as its a work horse not a play thing. This one comes in at P62,000 which to be honest I can justify very easily. Its also more suiting to the style of bike I would prefer as well as the fact I can sling a saddle bag straight over the fuel tank giving easy reach to cameras to stop for photos etc. when out and about but more importantly can grab a drinking bottle.

Honda XR 200 Philippines

Several people I know have the Honda XR 200 motorcycle but to be honest although has a bit more poke in the engine its frame doesn’t suit me for long distances. Nice bike and comes in at nearly P138,000. Another thing is though I know several people that have had repairs on these and the parts didn’t come cheap. Most of the issues were also down to the fact of lack of use as they are abroad part of each year. Fun bike for the weekends and if things take off in a big way will get one for riding up the rivers and across the hill tops but that’s a bit different to carrying camera equipment and enough luggage for a few days.

Honda Wave and also the Honda XRM are probably two of the top selling Honda Motorcycles in the Philippines you will find them everywhere but the issue being they are an under bone design. Doesn’t affect reliability in fact the bike we went to Negros on was a Honda under bone model. They come in around the same price as the CB110cc and that’s what I am currently waying up as the CB110cc is a new arrival which also means if travelling into the wilderness getting parts may not be as easy as the XRM or Wave.

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  1. July 30, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    Why am I looking at Honda over other bikes by the way? This is something I want to point out the Kawasaki website cant be bothered to place prices on theyre site yet it was one of theyre bikes I was given advice to buy due to the reliability of the machine. If they can’t make the effort and the fact I have no dealer on my doorstep. I will go with Honda as they have been more professional in the way they are selling the bikes. As well as the fact Honda seems to be everywhere which says a lot for the reliability.

  2. April 6, 2012 at 9:45 am


    Until recently the Honda XR200 assembled here in the Philippines was the only ‘big bike’ Dual Sprt for under Php100,000.00

    (incidentally the image of the XR200, you used is apparently OHC, were as the XR200’s assembled in the Philippines use an OHV 200cc engine design from about 20years ago.)

    This one of the reasons why I paid a bit more and bought a Yamaha XT225. Yeh that a single cylinder 4T OHV engine but of newer design than the Honda and 25cc more, 6 Speed Gearbox, Disc rear brake and is lower seat height (meaning that I can touch the ground with both feet flat on the floor and knees slightly bent.) My guess is many height challenged Philipinos will also find the Honda XR200 a little tall for them.

    Lots of new Chinese Dual Sports and Motards available in the Philippines now, and typically Php49-96K, so why spend nearly Php140K nearly on an XR200 OHC model?

    Motostar: MSX 150-III (Kamex Warrier) Dual Sport
    Moto X155 (Zongshen ZS150 GY-10) Dual Sport
    Moto R155 (Zongshen ZS150 GY-10C) Motard
    TRLAX 200 Enduro (Zongshen engine, Dual Sport

    Rusi: KR125 Dual Sport
    KR150 Dual Sport

    Racal: MC150GY-A ‘150 Sport’ Dual Sport

    CPI: XF200 Motard

    MCX: 250 ‘Renagade’ Dual Sport

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    April 6, 2012 at 9:59 am

    I sent a Chinese bike recently, won’t be buying another one until I start seeing other people with them still on the road after 5yrs. Quality is shocking.

    Yamaha,Suzuki,Honda its what the locals use and the reasoning behind it is reliability.