Homemade Ground Spike For Videoke / Computer System

Homemade ground spike

Most things in the Philippines seem to be lacking a ground or earth as we say in the UK. What this means is you can often get electric shocks off items enough to give a tingle up the arm at the same time why don’t people install earthing in the first place?

Anyway a simple solution especially if your just doing things like I was today which is basically installing a new DVD Burner into my PC is to create your own ground in this case it wasn’t into the electrical system but attached to the computer case on a piece of wire and the other end attached to a nice long nail that was hammered into the ground. End of problem no shocks every time you try to adjust something in the computer case and more importantly it stops damage to the electronics in the computer. Mad thing is in the UK there is a process of doing computer upgrades and repairs to isolate static yet here most things would let you fry if it was hit by lightening.

Good idea to upgrade this if doing it with videoke or other equipment that may be used outside as a safety device. Also having the earth assists in tripping out electrical mains on a short that could stop electrical fires.

Also this could be a cheap solution for internet cafe’s I know a few inside the native huts here that in heavy rain you can get a nice sting of a shock due to the humidity. Doing this would actually reduce if not stop that problem completely.