Homeless population grows in Minglanilla, Cebu

When I first came to Cebu I don’t remember seeing any homeless people in Minglanilla they were mainly in Tabunok and Talisay. As you get nearer Cebu city the numbers generally increase. But in the last year I have seen the numbers of homeless increase considerably in Minglanilla. The photo are some street kids in Minglanilla market area. At night I sometimes go to grab a take away meal from Angels which sells hotdogs and burgers as soon as you appear kids appear begging. Its a bad thing for business and a scene that doesn’t seem to be getting dealt with. Most of the kids are runaways and no doubt finding the root of their problems may actually reunite them back into their families were there is less risk of drug and sexual abuse.

I used to give away an extra McDonalds meal or kids clothing but the kids have become more aggressive over the last few times which now I will give nothing. Its also to remember as a foreigner that we are “guests” in the Philippines and many of the countries problems are not ours to fix. I advise never giving money as it is often used to buy Rugby glue for sniffing if like these kids grab them some bread at the bakery next door. But don’t feel you “have to” as this will no doubt end up with the kids pestering you every time you come to the market expecting a free meal and a good chance it would go from 2 to about 5-10 kids pestering you. This is why I say not all problems are ours to fix as we didn’t create these problems and if we choose to help it shouldn’t become an obligation or grounds to be harassed every time we go out of our front door just because we are foreigners.

Some of the readers may think I am a bit harsh on not helping but in reality your no doubt a tourist or not had to deal with the day to day experiences of people hounding you just because you help now and again. I think there is more than enough funds within charities to sort these problems out if they didn’t squander money and weren’t riddled with “administration” and corruption. Anyone here long enough avoids the charities as a foreigner because they know how badly run they are.

4 comments for “Homeless population grows in Minglanilla, Cebu

  1. TropicalPenpals
    July 18, 2010 at 7:52 am

    [New Post] Homeless population grows in Minglanilla, Cebu .

  2. Paul Adams
    May 31, 2011 at 9:02 am

    Thanks for sharing information. This is really sad to know. Charities and Government should do something for those homeless people..

  3. Paul Rigas
    December 31, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    I have a home in Cebu and most locals consider the areas you mentioned dangerous. I doubt sending them back to their families is the solution. WIth that said, I do not have a solution. The Catholic Church and the government do little to assist these street kids. NGO’s and the Catholic Church contribute less then 10% to the actual people. That should come in the form of education, medical aide, housing, and psychological care. I believe the church enslaves the people to the organizations social political doctrines and further complicates the problem. The children in the area, and others, have become very competitive for food and money for good reason. The bottom third of the population that earns one USD has no option but to compete for food and shelter. Sugar cane workers in the Bacolod area earn about 130php per day. Their day consists of 10-12 hours of work. So many of these people are driven to the cities. The problem is not complicated. Neither is the solution yet it is hindered by class distinctions, religion, and the government.

    • Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
      January 1, 2012 at 9:02 am

      The solutions are there but more a case of its easier to “help the poor” in a way that is none productive and receive donations every year than it is to fix the problem. Especially if your receiving the donations and taking a salary for doing very little. The salaries are an issue in the farm areas at the same time the methods of farming are still outdated modernising the farming systems (not all about machinery but increasing yields SHOULD increase salaries). But also who wants it to change as nobody ever asks that question, because those who control the plantations aren’t likely to want to change their rich lifestyles to help the poor in the same way the church lives off the poor like parasites selling them hope in exchange for donations and ivory towers.