Home remedies for the throat infections (coughs)

After picking up what seems to be a cold or some kind of virus I have been struggling with a sore throat and mild fever for another week. Seems like one week out of a month I am ill lately. The problem this time though is April has caught it and Wilhelm has a small cough aswell. No good for Wilhelm but today I was at E-Mall on some business and managed to drop by the supermarket to grab some essentials. I was talking to my friend Allen about illnesses earlier in the week and he mentioned he stocked up on vitamin C and to be honest I am not a vitamin tablet taker but have seen I am more prone to illnesses here than I would be in the UK. Is it the vitamins? could be as I eat curries most days in the UK which consist of a lot of vegetables as well as herbs and spices.

But back to today I grabbed some Calamansi which is a local lemon they are generally small and green, a small pack of about 15 – 20 costs around P10 at the same time I grabbed some local honey. Look around for the honey as it varies from P75 to over P500 a bottle depending which one you get. April knocked up a mix of the lemons and honey and to be honest its the best I have felt for over a week on top of this its cost less than P100. Doesn’t sound a lot but if you head to a doctor they will get you to have tests, cost you for consultation etc. etc. and then just send you off home without any real treatment with this its into the supermarket then off home to bed to rest it off. So if your feeling as rough as we are at the moment I would advise grabbing some as its cheap and efficient soothes the throat wonders as well as dropping some extra vitamin C into the body.