Home made plant propagator

homemade propagatorWith the first plant tubes well on the way with tomato and cucumbers the next stage was getting seedlings ready for the next set of pots as well as for some ground planting. The main concern I had was that the soil would dry out too quickly when getting the seeds started so headed out to a nearby store to buy some plastic boxes with lids. For less than P100 each I managed to find these that take 28 small pots (Which cost P1 each). So no expensive equipment here and my first concern was would it actually work. The first thing I noticed is once the plants actually start forming roots the bottom of the boxes actually act like a watering tray allowing the plants to gain water without excess water. The other thing that killed off our plants last year was lots of little green fly which towards the end of the year we had some spiders arrive that quickly mopped up that problem. Issue now being that since they ate all the bugs there are now no spiders so no doubt the cycle will come about again this year so hoping to get the plants to establish well in advance which is where these lidded boxes come in at keeping the bugs out to give the homemade propagatorplants half a chance. The next issue which is why I took the lids off this morning was to do with moisture content as the soil can dry out rather quickly but as I found out I actually had to take the lids off this morning to reduce the water content in the boxes as condensation had formed on the lid and the soil had become rather wet. Being able to adjust the water in the boxes means you can adapt it to whatever your growing as some plants want very little water and shade while others want a lot and sun. Time will tell how well the results of the boxes and if they produce the plants we hope will grow. Currently there are 9 different types of seeds planted all for tropical climate.

2 comments for “Home made plant propagator

  1. devi retuya
    February 25, 2011 at 12:06 am

    Is it a success? Did the plants grow in that condition? Did they grow faster than if we put them outside the box and not cover them?

    • Tropicalpenpals
      February 25, 2011 at 1:35 am

      Hi Devi,
      still too early to say the main thing is they keep the plants moist but avoid flooding by heavy rain as the actual temperature here in the Philippines is very stable compared to other places. So hopefully next week can start to see some signs of life.