Home cured ham and bacon in the Philippines


home cured ham - Philippines

I find bacon locally to often be overpriced and extensively fatty which is one of the reasons generally I have skipped it from our table most of the time after being spoiled on juicy cuts of Danish and farm house bacon in the UK.

This week though Aprils decided to start home curing meat for our consumption and to be honest it makes perfect sense as its not time consuming, quality is pretty much guaranteed and on top of that its a lot cheaper than buying sliced meat in the supermarkets. Its partly why when people say there is no money in a piggery in the Philippines its only partially true as the organic market is growing here, as well as the demand for quality lean meats.

The ham joint you see above we have been eating today after its curing and there is no comparison on the taste to what we would normally find locally which is why I brought up the point if you want good food here do it yourself! The herbs you see are also from our garden and it was good to taste the flavour in the meat today washed down with beans and a nice cup of coffee on this wet afternoon.

It does remind me when Kento was coming downstairs to my office from the apartment he was renting that he always commented on the food I was eating. My joke being “a reason to have a wife” as Aprils a fantastic cook and on top of that loves to actually cook never mind everything else she does.

3 comments for “Home cured ham and bacon in the Philippines

  1. Matt
    June 30, 2011 at 7:57 am

    Next you need to make your own Smoker, cheap to do and lots of sites on interweb telling you how-to

  2. david
    July 1, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    i was going to ask when you would find it nessicery to eat? a piggery is a cost effective way to eat.and i’d have to ask myself why i didnt include some bacon?