Home again- Diary 16.12.2009

Arrived back yesterday afternoon to Cebu. Was hoping to do a video on route etc. But simply everything literally ran like clock work. I arrived at Digbeth coach station in Birmingham had a free sample coffee from Starbucks (near bus station new coffee stop) and my coach arrived. It was lucky the coffee was there as it was freezing at two degrees at 7am I was happy to get loaded and onto the coach. A nap attack later I awoke just in time to head into Heathrow and off to my flight. Normally I am very early for flights to avoid being pestered about excess baggage as most air companies will let you have a little excess without charging. But today was different there was a huge queue because I was within 2hrs of my flight. After a 40min wait I checked in my luggage without problem just glad they didn’t weigh my hand luggage as there was a lot of extras in my bags which weighed them down ( I transferred my heavy goods into the bottom of my camera case etc ) so was carrying a lot more than I should. But the miles of walking round the airports was enough punishment. As I got to the departure lounge after the security checks I normally go into Harrods to grab an annual teddy bear but glancing to check the gate of my flight I noticed it had already started to board so a sharp exit to the aircraft was needed and I was quickly on my way. I spent the flight to Hong Kong with Miss World Australia.


Who had just finished her tour with the other girls from the Miss World contest and now returning home to Australia. Had an interesting conversation and Sophie is looking to move forward with her career as she enjoys things dancing and hopefully will get some work in the West End or out in the U.S. who knows just wish her well for the future. One of the things I do love about air travel is the people you can meet along the way. Previously I have spent hours on flights with a Nun who was heading into Cebu who enjoyed a few Heinekens on the flight aswell as a guy from Norway who had been on his first holiday invited by his brother as he spent most of his life working and hadn’t had time to travel. His brother had organised a woman to pick him up at the Airport although he hadn’t met her and she had a photo that was out of date. Never found out what happened after they met.

Anyway getting back to the travel. I arrived in Hong Kong with a stiff back and tired after the uncomfortable ride but did have time to watch District 9 which is a great movie for those of you who are Sci-fi buffs also watched Will Farrell`s stand up show as “George Bush” which to be honest I hated it but not sure if it was Will Farrell`s fault as I hate George Bush and its difficult to mock someone who was such a real fool in his racist and strange personalities so only managed 20mins of that before having to switch it off. I like Hong Kong Airport as its so modern only issue I would have is the gates are always miles away from arrival to departure. But the shop selection is good and its a nice clean upscale Airport aswell as swift and efficient service. 1

The flight was a little delayed so when I had got to Hong Kong it was another run to the aircraft no time to shop but a quick log on with the itouch to let people know I had arrived and then boarding again. The flight from Hong Kong to Cebu is around 2hrs and 15 minutes so an hours nap and I woke up just in time to look down on Luzon (Island which houses Manila) It was a bit odd as the land looked scarred I originally thought from the flooding as a lot of the land still seemed to be under water for Paddy fields etc. near the coast but it was when I arrived in Cebu my wife told me Luzon had a volcano erupt in the last few days. Luzon really has taken a battering this year with so many things from Typhoons, flooding and now the volcano. You could see a clear path where the lava had rolled and over spilled. Something that I will probably only see once in a lifetime but one of those sights that will be remembered.

I arrived in Cebu and made my dash for immigration. First off and into the immigration your out within 2mins ready for collecting luggage. Instead of a 30 minute queuing. Only problem was the baggage took 40 minutes to arrive. But cant have it all my way. I got a taxi up to SM and connected my itouch to the free Wi-Fi and hooked up to April via Yahoo she was already in a taxi on route. Before I had finished my coffee she had arrived and off we went heading home..

Its surprising this time because I have been away for 8 months it was just  strange getting used to being home. Bit like a dream which hasnt sunk in yet. It was good to see everyone and the transformation at my in-laws house has been huge house is looking great and the internet cafe is just about to get loaded up for opening at the weekend. Will be more of a “Cafe” though simply because the internet isn’t connected yet. Main thing is though I get the network all up and running.

All I can say is its great to be home! Looking forward to spending time with Zoei and April. As well as the projects we have planned for this year.

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  1. nimesh
    December 19, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    I really enjoyed reading this mate , Wished somebody would have taken some pics of the time when you met april after 8 months and when you reached home and the adjusting part etc lol…So finally back at home..Enjoy every second of it mate ….Miss you!

  2. Matt Wilkie
    December 20, 2009 at 3:14 am

    Thing was April met me at the coffee shop as a bit of a surprise. I was glad that the taxi didnt even try to rip me off (one of the Yellow airport taxi`s) which worked to the drivers advantage as I tipped him a P100 for good service. Its great to be home though 🙂

  3. april
    December 20, 2009 at 1:59 pm

    nimesh hiya there! wish someone should have did it lol…it was really great seeing matt again after 8 long months…we may seem so casual to some people around the coffee shop…a warm hug and a smile i painted on my face upon seeing my husband in the flesh ..glad he’s home.