Holiday / Vacation from the Philippines

A friend of mine Andrew is currently experiencing something that many expats need and that is a break! You will often hear but this this the Philippines which in reality means like it,shut up or leave. But in reality as I found myself as Andrew has that going  back to the UK from time to time even the supermarkets become exciting. Why? The Philippines is controlled by ruling families that dominate like parasites (well they are) controlling every day life and more importantly imports and exports. For me it means like this week I couldn’t find any cheese from France or the UK, at which point you maybe thinking and? But this was the point of curry night! you see I have a great wife who is capable of churning local ingredients into something amazing and I myself have a flair for the kitchen. Everywhere else want to eat good food its simply expensive or unavailable. Andrew has seen what I do when I go back to the UK that even the crappiest restaurants or fast food taste fantastic in comparison.

Not against Filipino food myself just the fact its not for my diet and I have a limited selection I enjoy. But then again the nation is seeing a rising obesity problem, heart disease and other health issues because of it.

Generally I shun the BBQ pig which is the national food as simply its fat, literally! the diet is often abused because of the cost of animal feeds (gets back to the rich families), but then again I only eat lean bacon and a few other dishes in regards to pork.

In reality though when wandering the supermarkets in the Philippines I see the same items over and over again in different sizes but all the same stuff, Nestle have been allowed to corner the market as well as other companies. If anything it feels like the Philippines is owned by the Chinese when dealing with any business.

Don’t like it leave! May seem the answer and to be honest its often in my thoughts as simply I feel like I am on the S.S. Titanic with a full steam ahead to beat time regardless that the whole thing is about to sink. That is the odd thing I can leave, at the same time if I was forced to would it be giving up or should I have the same attitude as others and throw people from the UK forcing them out in a racist abusive attitude because I feel I am superior?

Odd thing is the Philippines isn’t my country and I get irritated by getting into mindless politics with a country that is neither mine or important to my long term future.  I can see the issues replicated here that are in the U.S. and UK waiting for collapse and wondering should we just move to India and leave the country as it is. Why India? there are 2 super powers retaking they’re thrown and that is India and China, two countries that had fallen under British control previously. Odd thing is as an argument came up previously to do with Western super powers in regards to what did the U.S. and UK bring to Asia and we see Singapore and Hong Kong on the British front yet countries run into the ground on the American. Who is right and who is wrong time will tell as unleashing the open market has taken on strength in Singapore and Hong Kong as well as Taiwan but where is the Philippines?