Hiring a car in Cebu or anywhere else in the Philippines

Matt Wilkie drivingFirst thing you have to realise this is an open can of worms. Your white face will increase the rent charge most of the time. I’m currently in Cebu knowing that an apartment block geared for foreigners (Which isn’t much different to a Filipino setup) the rents are P15,000 – P30,000 per month which is in a compound with all foreigners living in the 1 bedroom apartments. But ive just come from viewing an apartment in a better location (ok the other one is nearer the city by about 4km but this one is right on the main southern coastal road so picking up the bus is easier!) and the rent is P7k a month for a 2 bedroom apartment with a private balcony, i thought P7k is high because im used to the prices here and have seen others for around P4k on a lower floor. Yes i suffer with the same problem as most other foreigners here the magic white face price increase. So how do you get the best deal?

  • Find people like me who can get you a better deal.
  • Barter with the person renting it out they are expecting it!
  • Give them your number and walk away.. but look still interested just think its expensive.
  • Dont rent from the net! (they are looking for finders/advertisement fees all come from your pocket).
  • Rent a pension room for a couple of nights while you look around and find the location YOU want.
  • Dont believe a telephone conversation / email. Some of these apartments can be in the wrong parts of town or so far off the beaten track it costs you more in commuting than paying a higher rent nearer the location you want.

Keep looking. Telegraph/electricity posts are a big signage area, look for expats on the net who may know of locations or have spare accommodation themselves. Which can give you a more secure environment aswell as people with local knowledge.

If you’re looking for an apartment drop me an email.. yes i will charge a finder’s fee but it’s simply P500, $10 or £5. I’m not doing it for the money but more for something to keep me occupied.