Hiring a boat from Cebu

Island off the coast of Cebu Beach off the coast of Cebu, Philippines

The boat showing is a typical boat you can hire out of Cebu. There is different sizes but generally they can take somewhere between 20 – 40 people on each. A lot of the water is very shallow around Cebu and neighbouring islands which is why most of the boats are of this design.


Coming out of the harbour you will see coral below you and on the last boat trip we had to move to the front of the boat to help stop it catching on them as we headed back from another island.

A lot of the islands are very beautiful and a lot of locations are unspoiled by pollution. I want to  be doing more of this sort of travelling myself as i enjoy taking photographs. All the ones on the blog are taken by myself or my wife. Its getting away from the city side of life to the more remote relaxed life that i want in the Philippines unspoilt by to many tourists or over population.


Its visiting these places you realise you really are in paradise and escaping for the day or a few days to other islands is the “real Philippines” that it should be. I think the consumer bug has ruined a lot of the Philippines as people get caught up in the American dream and miss what really surrounds them. I love the Philippines and think if your going anywhere to retire this could be the place. Although im hearing a lot of good things from other asian countries but the fact most of the population speak English makes life so much easier as the tourist but also for those like me here long-term building a new life. Hiring the boats is pretty simple as they all want you to hire one!

island hopping

But please get in touch with myself or another local as they are likely to try to overcharge you due to the fact you’re a foreigner. Last time we hired one it came to P300 each for 22 people. Which was for most of the day. We set off just before 11am, visited a neighbouring island enjoyed having food and a bbq on the beach in Nipa huts. Before taking a walk and socialising with the others that came on the trip. There are regular boat trips each month and I can let you know people who are going so you can get booked on the same trip even. Which gets you round the hassles of trying to organise the trip yourself and the extra expense.

There are a lot of expats doing it regular and its something that’s good for building a small community. Not only for the expats wanting to be with other expats sometimes but also for the wives who often find that having a foreign husband is more complicated than it first seemed. With issues from family as well as the obvious cultural and wealth differences that happen. So being amongst others could be a bit of support and understanding as well as making new friends. Just leave me a message if you want more information on the meet ups for the trips. If you want to go diving that’s possible too but I advise going with reputable schools or people with a lot of local knowledge, not just because of dive locations but also the fact that there has been cases of the wrong mix of air being used on tanks before which could be dangerous.