Hey Americano you give me money!

Its one of the most disrespectful things I hear from people you would assume its people begging but often its just kids in the street. First issue is im not American but the blatant demand for money annoys me. A lot of these problems come from people who do exactly that “give money”. Me I don’t I will pay a watcher who looks after my car or motorcycle but I won’t pay someone for nothing. Reason being is it encourages begging a lot of these problems also arise from NGO’s as you end up with people used to handouts and then they start to hang around waiting for the next one instead of trying to sort themselves out. Nope im not against helping people but I do think people need to start by encouraging people to help themselves out of the poverty trap. Giving food, clothing etc. is short term things like drug rehabilitation and a crack down on people dealing or trying to sort out the street kids as many are runaways and work to reunite them back to their parents if possible. I am aware not all runaways are purely just “runaways” but if you can filter out the cases that are easier to fix it could be a step in the right direction. I understand that a lot of the kids have more major reasons and not easily resolved but at the same time living on the streets in doorways or under a bridge isn’t a way of life that can lead to something positive.

Last night while waiting for April I was approached by an old couple who were asking me for money telling me they were hungry which I don’t mind chatting but wasn’t about to give money. Some of you are probably thinking I should have given them a few pesos right? Well I don’t and the same reason I don’t give money to street kids. The guy had a new bottle of Tanduay in his hand and they both looked half wasted. Street kids will often buy Rugby glue to glue sniff with. If you want to do something buy them bread or as I do sometimes a McDonalds as often they are begging for parents or another relative for a drug habit. I’ve also given away clothing previously. Although recently the people begging are more aggressive so stopped doing anything.

What I would like to know is what are all the charities doing? you see the big ones here in nice offices but what are they actually doing to help people? I know often its a gravy train that most of the money never reaches the people needing it. But only charity I have actually seen doing anything is MercyInAction which is a small UK based charity.