Helping teach your child to learn to speak and read using Alphablocks

Alphablocks cbeebiesAn interesting program that I came across by accident well I say accident I was searching through CBeebies programs to see what would help Zoei develop speech and sounds as no doubt your aware I find the local TV here in the Philippines something more on the lines of brain washing than anything useful. I can honestly say the BBC as always when it comes to child learning comes up trumps with quality that also delivers. Rather than watching mindless cartoons the characters sound out themselves as each character is a letter as well as developing words with the other characters. Short shows at the same time the have brought Zoei’s speech on leaps in the last couple of weeks from watching them and would advise any parent out there who is looking to help their child with learning to talk to find Alphablocks. As an Expat I do find it frustrating here with the lack of materials available and in a country that education is only the real way forward besides corruption you would expect more education materials to be available. So if your in the UK and want to give your kids or relatives kids something constructive when sending a Balikbayan box home I would advise grabbing a Alphablocks DVD.