Helping People Out In The Philippines

Its something that was created I believe with assistance not only after the war in the Philippines but also the introduction of the fashionable charities.

You see people morally often seem to not give a damn about asking for a handout and will often abuse the fact in the Philippines some of the things being rather major.

A UK school donating an entire classroom of computers to find that they mysteriously vanished over night (Stolen and sold by the principle of the school), Governments abroad in assistance with charities and local government installing water filtration and purification plants to see themselves waved off shortly afterwards the equipment stolen by the mayor and sold off as well. All the way down to the boy on the street who just sees a foreigner and assumes he can just ask you for money because its become normal to ask for handouts and receive.

I had a boy do this last week that I swiftly told where to go, two days later I see him in the town with his mother and it was pretty obvious he wasn’t a poor Filipino but one trying his luck for a bit of money to go spend in an internet cafe or something else.

Now I am not trying to be negative here but if you are getting involved with an organisation or thinking of helping out a relative of the family you need to look a lot deeper than just feeling good about yourself for giving them some money.

For a start hand outs are the gift that never stops giving and word gets round your giving money away and you can have some serious TV acting going on as people sell sob stories in the hope to empty your pocket. There are too many people here who don’t see it as fraud,swindling or even morally wrong. They just see stupid foreigner and expect to be able to tap you for money.

Not all Filipinos mind as I know many Filipinos who cut themselves off from the same hassles as often its their family members that do it to them. Partly why a private sub division that doesn’t allow unlisted visitors into it can be useful if you don’t like being bothered.