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The site is continuing to grow on a regular basis and with the advertising revenues getting to the point where it can now fund trips around the Philippines (well one a month) I will start travelling to different islands and towns to help build up the information. There is a lot of stuff I keep out of the blog such as the Condo sales people, life insurance, health insurance etc. and there is a reason behind it I don’t trust the companies at all and if they want to write an article they are welcome to do it for the blog at the same time I won’t close the commenting system. Funny enough no one has taken up that challenge yet I wonder why? You see you have to have faith in what your selling and a lot of these people don’t, others got burned and named in things like the Legacy scandal so not willing to commit themselves but would happily have my face and name splattered all over the material to pitch the sale. If they don’t have confidence in the product why should I and more importantly why would I want to be pitching it to you?

If you find anyone using my name for a product ask me directly as its likely I neither use their products or would invite you to either especially if they decide to label it with my name without conscent.

On a positive note though I am looking to boost up and just wanted to mention that although offered commission for insurance, investments and property I have pretty much turned it all down at the same time you will find Nomads travel insurance on here which I added because Trip Advisor as well as several other big tourism groups use it which gives it creditability (as several people have asked me where to get insured). But back to today’s issue of helping the site grow as social networking market begins to dominate other parts of the internet search engines have recognised popularity links between a blog/site and social networking which is why its import to Facebook like and be a twitter follower as it boosts the recognition of online which brings in new readers and helps us reach further with the blog. Please click on the Facebook button below and the “Like button” on the page that opens.


What do we get in return? Well more information in the blog for a start as advertisement revenues increase so will my ability to travel and gather more information that then increases the blog further. So getting good reports on areas etc. starts to become up to date and reliable. has always been a bit more harsh and realistic than most other blogs purely because its the way I am. My work orientates around finding faults to put them right but I often get emails complaining I am “anti-pinoy” which isn’t true. If there is garbage in the river I will say there is garbage in the river because there is! At the same time like the trip to Negros Oriental I couldn’t praise the place enough as its how the Philippines should be. We can’t have it all our way all the time as simply it becomes lies and people read these blogs for information and if I started saying how beautiful the beach is in Minglanilla for example and someone then moves/visits here to find its full of sludge,plastic bags and human waste would that be fair as they trusted my advice?

So people can still send me their complaining emails but all I will say is open the eyes and look around you things aren’t perfect. In fact ignoring them makes things worse bringing them to peoples attention and shaming them into action is more important than saying everything is wonderful. Development is about seeing what is wrong or right and improving on it.