Help save a child

 qZJ As many of you know im Anti Charity due to corruption and “administration costs” that seem to be a license to print money. But this is nothing to do with a charity. This is to do with a friends daughter. She is very sick due to heart problems and currently in need of a life saving operation in Manila. The amount is well above what is possible for the family to afford. But maybe achievable with your help.

Administration costs = Zero where possible only costs maybe bank charges getting the money on transfers. If in the UK you can bank transfer into my personal account and I will carry it with me on the next trip. But anyone donating your money will be noted below and every expense will be traced.

Charity = This isnt a charity its family friends needing assistance and I will monitor any expenses and medical costs and make public on this section.

Hannah is 6 and in the medical notes below you can see the current problems faced by my friends family. The amount needing to be raised currently stands at P600,000 and any donations, fundraisers or anything else that can be done will be welcomed with open arms.

If you would like to donate please leave a message below and a way to contact you.

letter from parents

medical extract




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