Heavy rain in Minglanilla,Cebu,Philippines

I decided to stick this video up today for a couple of reasons. First one being to show how heavy rain comes down when it does fall here which I know many people forget to make allowances for when travelling around Cebu or any other part of the Philippines. Bad weather can cut you off completely for days if your in the wrong place at the wrong time. When travelling around the mountain regions just look out for where parts of the roads have previously been washed away or had mudslides they aren’t hard to find.

But also with the road project you can see half way through the video that the road pretty much becomes a small fast flowing stream which is why when they did fill the holes with sand and mud it rapidly disappeared. At the same point though you can also see some of the rocks we put in place still holding riding above even the heavy rain. What you can’t see in the video though is we have been adding more rocks into the worst parts of the road to start filling it out. Still a slow process and probably take another 6 months to get anywhere near the amount of rock we need unless others start pulling their finger out but never the less its still heading in the right direction.