Heavy rain in Cebu, Philippines

watching heavy rain at the doorIt was a lucky break this afternoon as heavy rain came in rather quickly. I had been out earlier but came back early due to issues with my camera. Now looking at getting a new lens for it as I am stuck without it, P7,000 down the drain on something that may be humidity related.

I headed over to the apartment upstairs to video some of the rainfall as I thought some people might find it interesting to see how heavy the rain comes down and how quickly flooding could start. Its also the first time Zoei has watched rain come down so hard herself and quickly found herself standing watching the rain from the doorway as it pounded the roofs and overflowed the gutters on all the houses in the neighbourhood.

Its some of the heaviest rain we have had for some time didn’t last long but at the same time it made up for it in quantity. The road got to nearly 1ft deep in water in areas as it moved from puddles to brook and into a stream.