Heat Build up in concrete walls in the Philippines

electric fan

This will be a pretty short post but the point of it being that a lot of things you will come across that seem pretty obvious but in a lot of cases people just haven’t thought about it. This is a prime example as over the day heat generally builds up in a house a lot in the ceilings and walls. But its also a fact that due to the type of materials used they hold heat and it can often be cooler outside than inside the house. But one of the methods I use to cool the house quickly which seems to drop a few degrees in a matter of minutes is instead of cooling yourself with an electric fan stick it by the window for 10 minutes and use it as an extract. I leave the kitchen windows open so we are getting cooler air come in but it kicks the hot air out which obviously being a quick method of getting rid of at least some of the heat also means your electric bill will be a bit lower as well as being more comfortable. How would I improve the building for climate I would probably go the same way as the UK with two walls to create a void between the two for ventilation. You also have to way up if its financially viable to do it and getting hold of the right materials as well.