Health bill and now divorce in the Philippines the church is under siege.

Living in the Philippines myself you come across many strange relationships that people turn a blind eye to and it was reading up before arriving in the Philippines for the first time on how the family unit is so important that things seemed more like a glossy magazine airbrushing over the facts than reality of what I seen when I arrived.

You see I was sold on the Catholic country as you often come across devout religion in the world where people wouldn’t dare cross the wrath of god as they see it but living here you find people pick and choose more in line with gone today god tomorrow. Many people still married yet having several children with several women often having affairs even when the relationship would in theory be in the honeymoon period. Tie on to that the Catholic belief in unprotected sex you start to see children appear as early as 13 and 14 as the girls get pregnant outside of marriage. Where has it gone so horribly wrong or so right for the church to increase the numbers so considerably on the population that people will literally eat garbage to survive?

For me its not solely down to the church but mentality of many people who will blame everything on everyone else but themselves. The garbage in the street is the governments fault yet it was the people that put it there. The large families are down to the church but if people spent more time praying and with a nose in the bible surely the families wouldn’t be so big? Like I said its picking and choosing at the same time blocking contraception is madness here as nobody keeps real figures on STD’s or the real birth rate as the church actually has to have birth certificates now to have a christening because so many people don’t even register a child’s birth.

Now getting back to legalizing divorce it would be a step forward for the Philippines and not to encourage more separations but simply there would be an influx of people getting divorced because they already separated years ago! its living in a time that once was where marriage was valued and as it should be. I will only marry once and talking to a friend of mine Andrew about his marriage that he surprised his now wife after being together several years to tie the knot he did it because its important to her. For me marriage is a bond that should be kept if you can’t keep it don’t commit to it simple as that. At the same time you have to understand how the Philippines functions or more importantly how its dysfunctional in many ways when it comes to love and marriage. In the provinces just holding hands can often lead to marriage even though they are still teenagers due to being forced into it how do they expect that to end in anything but unhappiness?

The congressional committee is about to start the debate in the Philippines for the legalization which without a doubt will meet fierce opposition from the church and its supporters. With Malta’s change allowing divorce it only leaves the Vatican and the Philippines the only places on the planet you can’t get divorced. The church is also seeing people’s thoughts towards it change as they start to see the fierce opposition and the movement also against contraception.

Why is the church so strong in the Philippines nobody ever asks.. yet the rich need votes to stay in power and the church preaches to the majority poor giving it the upper hand in an election as well as the destruction of those who appose them such as President Erap with his gambling and womanizing habits as the church toppled him from power.

A bill alongside the divorce is to try and allow poor people to get their marriage annulled easier as its an expensive process here as well as a lengthy process. Part of that would be grounds of violence, infidelity and abandonment all being grounds for annulment.

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  1. May 12, 2012 at 11:40 am

    Yes I agree on what you said here… Marriage is really important matter so before you do it,think more than 1000 times…