Heading to catch the ferry for Dumaguete,Negros – from Cebu (Negros Trip Part3)


DalagueteAs we left Dalaguete the sun was already starting to rise we had already started to see the morning joggers and people heading off to work. I love this time of day as its pretty solomn and quiet. To be honest I don’t like noise much which is why these times are perfect for me and feel so right. People enjoying their own space and their own time without the blasting of loud music and the sounds of tin pot exhaust systems on motorcycles. Everyone was stopping each other for a chat and it was just relaxing.

sunrise, Alcoy, Philippines

I grabbed this photo as we crossed a bridge heading outwards of Dalaguete, you can just see the sun starting to rise creating a red mist and it wasn’t long after the sun was pretty much high in the sky and the day had begun. I managed to stick the camcorder on for a while and recorded some footage on the way down to the port. There is a stark contrast to close to Cebu city as the further south you go the better the roads, cleaner the rivers and generally just less population which means less damage to the environment and more natural surroundings to enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed the video the odd thing is you probably notice in the videos the roads look brand new compared to Cebu city where there are some holes big enough to park a motorcycle in. Why is it? your guess is as good as mine.. Next post will be the ferry there is another video from along the road on the TropicalPenpals YouTube channel and I have added some photos from this length of the trip below.

Sumilon island Oslob near Oslob fisherman,cebu,philippines fisherman,cebu,philippines Sumilon island Sumilon island getting near port

2 comments for “Heading to catch the ferry for Dumaguete,Negros – from Cebu (Negros Trip Part3)

  1. Kevin
    June 28, 2011 at 9:54 pm

    Nice pics Matt!

    Now these are the kinds of pictures I like to see of the Philippines.

    The road does look fairly new.

    • Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
      June 29, 2011 at 1:46 am

      Enough got a local radio host to complain why are the roads in the south so good when the ones around Cebu are terrible. Really don’t know why certain areas have great roads and others don’t unless its been down to the election campaigns which wouldn’t surprise me.