Having a good day

It was nice to see the run of bad days ending today with a lot of things all falling into place. In the morning I received the hassles of waking up to an irritating email first thing but once the coffee had gone down after I replied it was funny to see they actually deleted their own Facebook account which tells me it was someone trolling for an argument.

But after that setup the internet cafe and before the PC’s hit the deck there was already a queue of people waiting which even now at 9pm the PC’s have all been busy all day proving the change in price pretty much brought everyone back. Its more than doubled the income so could happily have a beer tonight to relax.

This afternoon went to patch up the scooter tyre to find out that the rim was not just dented but cracked on the inside, tyre has a soft spot and ultimately if it was the UK I would have rode the scooter to the garage illegally but here its patched up an extra lining put inside the tyre between the wall and inner tube and its ok for another 3 months. Have priced up a new fatter tyre and just looking for a rim for it now but hopefully for the pair looking at P2,000 so just as much as having a couple of tooth pulled at the dentist here not exactly breaking the bank.

To finish it off decided to strip the scooter down as I felt the indicators although all electrics aren’t working it wasn’t moving either. Stripped it down to hear something fall out and suddenly all the electrics started working together. An electrical short in the indicator switch had stopped everything else working so another positive thing to the day.

To finish it off the internet stuff is starting to move in a positive light as I sent out a lot of emails yesterday and this morning half expecting no replies to find it has taken me until now to pretty much finish what I was doing so all in all a very productive day and one I can sleep heavy with tonight and relax.