Happily married Filipina to an American!

I moved to the US in 1998 to be with my husband John and i wanted to spread a bit of information to other people out there YOU CAN BE HAPPY! i read many posts here and other places running Filipinas down yet foreign guys come to look for us and i know often we are a needle in a haystack with so many bad girls. It was only when i lived abroad i realised how different the world is and how people treat people in the Philippines is very wrong. Its not ok to repent sins on Sunday then go and commit them again on Monday. Its not ok to lie,steal and manipulate because of being poor it makes us as bad as our government that curse our race. I was lucky to find a good husband and as John says he was even luckier to find a great wife and mother! so please guys don’t give up and girls please try to stop other pinay’s being bad its not ok if your aunt, sister or anyone else steals from foreign guys the same as its not ok for a foreigner to beat, lie or steal from us. If you meet the wrong guy find a good one and if you meet the wrong girl same answer! find a good one don’t think we are all the same because we know you are all different too!!

To the Happy couples out there!!


2 comments for “Happily married Filipina to an American!

  1. Rolly
    August 6, 2011 at 7:45 pm

    hi Annabella ,
    i wish my wife was like you . I just recently broke up with her after i came to know that she sold my business ( in philippines, thus she legally owned it ) behind my back .
    I spent more than 3 years on building it up , n more than 3million pesos . But she just sold it for 2 million . Now i am bankrupt .
    The way she lied and manipulated me , was just too good . Now i regret why i ever went to the Philippines in the first place .

    • Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
      August 6, 2011 at 11:53 pm

      Sorry to hear that, have known it happen to many people already I have come across. I am still trying to understand the betrayal as it happens a lot and often without reason.