Gwen Garcia Airsoft Open 4th Leg

IMG_0338 Some of you have probably been wondering where I have been over the weekend. Well basically the team I’m in iSKALAWAG was competing in an airsoft event held in North Cebu around 4hrs drive away. Event went well for our first competition and the team is starting to develop as a group which is what I was really hoping for as things can improve at each competition we enter.


The tournament itself is a good idea as it helps to promote local aswell as foreign tourism. As its unlikely a lot of the players and families have visited the regions before. The first night we stopped in accommodation not sure if you can call it a hotel at P20 a night with a lock on the door only on the outside. But cant complain for the money makes sleeping a bit awkward though when you can feel the plywood breaking below the bed and hear every word anyone is saying from all the other rooms. One of the other guys opened his window because it was hot only to have the window fall onto the roof below. Following day we stopped in a bit more upmarket location although it seemed hotter than the metal roof on the first building aswell as the thermostats being fixed on all the air cons to stop you adjusting them. Anyway besides that the beaches were fantastic, the tournament was a great experience and a good team builder aswell as a lot of fun. We managed to get Dons son to come along with us who is a photographer who met a local lawyer who in turn got him into some local locations for the real Philippines experience. Its a pity so many others don’t take the time out to experience things outside the sub divisions and congested cities when there is so much to see and do.. the Philippines really can offer a lot of opportunities to enjoy.