Guadalupe Cave – cebu

Guadalupe Cave is a small cave in which you have to cover your head with a blue veil the same as Lady Guadalupe to ameliorate your sorrow and queue.

Lady Guadalupe

The image found in Guadalupe Cave narrates thtat Cebuano forefathers hid the image from the Spanish out of fear. They believed it might be taken back by the Spaniards or dishonoured by non-believers.

The cave was left forgotten and almost lost over time until a local wild chicken trapper accidently found it by chance. The image was then eventually placed in a chapel which is presently where the Guadalupe Parish church now stands.

The cave itself remained unattended for some time until an anonymous donor offered to refurbish it in 1977. Parish priest rev. Msgr. Esteban S. Binghay had it blessed and the water dripping in the cave is supposed to have healing powers. Carrying out a pilgrimage to the cave is believed to also grant the believers wish. The cave is located at  Langub, Kalunasan, Guadalupe, Cebu City.