Growing plants in the smallest of spaces

 Peppers after a heavy downpour After some serious rain our peppers took a pounding they had originally come from some pepper seeds that were thrown away by people that done a BBQ for the Fiesta in February but suddenly they all sprouted up and then the chickens decided to attack them which is why they were moved onto a bench. The main point of this post though is the fact you can pretty much container garden anywhere and this is a prime example. The pots they were put in were a last resort as we had none spare at the time which is why they hadn’t been drilled for drainage. But after the downpour we then moved them to the top of a wall to grow instead away from the chickens and in a slightly shaded area that allowed enough sunlight but not enough to dry them out.

container tomato plants The tomatoes on the other hand we have grown from seed intentionally on the window of our kitchen initially and now living on the top of an open stairwell to one of our apartments. As you can see they are quite happy there but also shows you can container garden pretty much in the smallest of spaces with this one only being 4” wide.