Growing Plants In Plastic Pipes

One of our original planting experiments was growing tomatoes in the same pipes which worked but not as well as it could have due to the size of the plants. We got tomato crops but simply the plants grew as much as 3ft+ in height as well as width and with the next plant being around 1ft away they fought each other for light and space. Lesson learned but also we carried on with experimenting with other things. These flowers are part of a groundcover plant that seems extremely hardy. These are literally just cut from the vine and planted into the soil and as you can see they are thriving even before the root system had established. Being a ground cover plant we are hoping it will start to run downwards creating a wall of flowers giving shade to the enclosed courtyard as well as a bit of privacy. I would recommend growing plants in plastic pipes though as its a good way to trial and error plants. This one has 3 levels which also means different levels of light,heat and water can be tested to see where your plants like it best especially if your not sure what plants it is your dealing with. The other advantages of growing plants in plastic pipes is that you reduce water waste as you water the top plants and the excess runs down to the next level, Its one of the cheapest setups of container gardening, minimalistic in size as although this container garden in pipes is 1ft wide its around 6ft tall and around 4ft wide (rough guesses). All in all it can be made in many locations and currently tempted to run some at the top of the stairs to our apartment as a privacy screen as well as introduce more plants to the neighbourhood.


Flowers growing in plastic drain pipes