Growing Peppers From Your Last Pepper Plant

pepper seedlings

The seedlings don’t look like much but here is the thing we didn’t throw away the old soil. This old paint pot housed a fairly large pepper plant which has already died. My wife put the pepper seeds from the peppers we ate back in the bottom of the pot and its given us a lot of new seedlings (many are already removed and re potted). Important thing is that the plant will pretty much take care of itself and continue the cycle. Just make sure to dump your old seeds at the base and it will do the rest for you.

Its turned our one pepper plant in this pot into around fourteen new seedlings that will no doubt only last one season at the same time the cycle if maintained is continuous. If your eating peppers at home and don’t have a plant but do have a bit of land with some shade throwing your seeds in there you have a good chance of germination and starting your own plants off without actually having to do anything. Peppers are fairly hardy and pretty much self sufficient when it comes to life here in the tropical Philippines.