Growing Ginger In Pots – Philippines Gardening

ginger container gardeningSeveral people I have spoken to I know grow on things from the supermarket and I have to agree its worth the effort. Not sure if its a case of an early harvest or that many things are rejected for export as being under sized and sent to the Philippines instead from places like Thailand. On top of that a lot of local crops are also the “duff” stock as it becomes very apparent when visiting farms that the supermarket isn’t supplying grade A items and more importantly the Philippines is very capable of producing the goods but export seems more important than the local population or more to the fact they can charge export grade A prices to the local market for grade C or even what would be classed as unsuitable for sale in many cases.

Well enough about that here are a few of our Ginger plants that have been growing well in terracotta pots for some time. Not 100% on how Ginger plants work and if they separate like bulbs etc (still to read up on it). But one thing is for sure is that the ginger will be a much bigger size than when we originally bought it from the supermarket (yes this is replanted and you can do it with onions,potatoes and many other crops from the supermarket).