Green Flood Alert in the Philippines for June 2010

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Green flood alert in Philippines Sat, 29 May 2010 00:00 +0000
Source: Dartmouth Flood Observatory based on media analysis

See also experimental flood monitoring system for Philippines

Analysis: June 1, 2010: &quote; UP to 40,000 people may be forcibly evacuated after torrential rains caused heavy flooding in the southern Philippines, an official says. Ten villages in the town of Sultan Kudarat on southern Mindanao Island were under waist-deep wa…

The flood started on 5/29/2010 and ended on 6/1/2010, with a duration of 4 days. This flood has severity class 1 (i.e. large flood event with significant damage to structures or agriculture; fatalities; and/or 1-2 decades-long reported interval since the last similar event).

The main cause is Torrential Rain.

The alert score is based on the reported death and displaced. Red = 1000 or more people killed or 800000 or more people displaced. Orange = 100 or more people killed or 80000 or more displaced.

  • alert score: 1
  • magnitude: 5
  • duration: 4
  • severity: 1
  • affected region: 22340 km2

Reports indicate that 27 person(s) have been killed and have been displaced. No reports on damage have been found. The flood affected a region of approximately 22340 km2.


For the following locations damage has been reported: Southern Midaneo Island

The approximate geographic location of this flood is 6.78 latitude and 125.3 longitude. This is the centroid of the affected area, as determined by the place names mentioned in the media.

Rivers in flood:

Maps (around approximate geographic location)

Population density map

Cloud map

Topographic map

Archived satellite image (from around 2000)