Gordon Brown – Appetite for destruction


Back in the UK and all I’m hearing is negative things from everywhere. Losing 50% of your earnings will soon become the norm. Gordon brown was even called “Stupid” in parliament this week on live television, I have a lot of other words I would like to call him but one thing is for sure he has pretty much destroyed the UK for decades. Cant say single handed as its a “Labour Party” and takes more than one person to create this big brown mess. What concerns me is not the fact that “ALL” the MPs have been caught with they’re fingers in the till with the second house scandal which seems to be a license to print money. But the fact that they will do an internal investigation which really means hide the receipts and change it from a second house allowance to another name and claim whatever they can without having to issue a receipt. They are all as corrupt as corrupt could be..must be all that time at public school with each other that basically means its not a government but more a job for the boys regardless of party. Well the downside of the MPs raping the country of whatever they can get they’re hands on is the taxpayer is forced to pay for it. They talk of oppression and third world countries well congratulations these clowns are pretty much sending the UK in that direction. The stealth tax on cars has left 4x4s virtually for sale at the cost of scrap and fuel hikes making us still the most expensive in Europe yet the demand has dropped. Add that to the fact National insurance and new tax rates will likely start the brain drain of skilled workers i can honestly say I’m ashamed to be British. Oppression is what is becoming an everyday thing in the UK and the introduction of ID cards in Manchester this week will slowly start the introduction of controlled and monitored populations of the UK. Where will it lead? well I put it like this, we have cameras that can read your car registration along the main motorways already aswell as mobile units and other cameras within cities. They know if your insured, who is driving, do you have a license and all on a continuous basis. So imagine what happens when you add passports and IDs with microchips.. No doubt the next thing will be sensors that can read direct from your pocket and wallet on who you are and tracking your movements will literally be possible very easily especially on things such as public buildings as the cars are already covered by the cameras. Its the beginning of the end of democracy in the UK and if action isn’t taken soon it may be impossible to turn this tide.