Google online TV service begins


Google unveiled its hybrid internet/television service this month, which I thought may develop into something good especially for Expat’s who miss TV shows etc back in their home countries as this could be a way forward on being able to watch them but.. the problem is although still in its early stages Google are looking at it being impossible to fast forward advertisements which I wouldn’t mind depending on the quality of adverts and content. So the jury will be out on that one but then again its also one of the main reasons people are on the internet is they are avoiding the advertisements on TV and downloading the TV shows or movies so will Google actually be wasting its time unless it can tap the live stream market. Lets face it though here in the Philippines unless things improve streaming is still a far in the distance idea that may or may not become a reality. Just wanted to drop a quick note here regarding Google TV as it could have benefits.

The lack of ad skipping has pleased some though, Daniel Leesong, chief executive of Australia’s peak advertising body, the Communications Council, spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald about the news saying: "From our perspective it’s a very good thing. Ad skipping is an acknowledged issue in the advertising industry."

But has anyone asked the consumers? Lets face it if an advert is good people talk about it especially if its funny. The drone advertisement that the majority of companies put out people either stopped or tried to stop watching a long time ago. Its not the consumers fault that so many companies are bad at making adverts..