Good insurance is it available in the Philippines?

I often wonder if good insurance is possible in the Philippines as people generally have a negative feeling about it or bad experience especially when it came to motor insurance. Several people have had to claim and found out on renewal if they did manage to get a payment out of the company that their premium would be usual price + full cost of premium on the renewal making the insurance not only expensive but pretty much a waste of time if they renewed.

With medical insurance paying up front then reclaiming it back which for most people isn’t easy to do in the middle of a crisis find the cash. At the same time the insurance often didn’t cover the expenses 100% which could only be found out after submitting your costs. Philhealth for example seemed to be a cheap and effective insurance policy at least to recover some small amount but even that now has limits imposed upon it which has made it pretty much worthless.

So is the option better off done abroad in the hope an international company will offer a better service or have you found a reliable cost affective company for your insurance needs?