Good days bad days and Smart bro days

IMG_0313I will let you decide what type of day I had today. It initially started with a quiet morning waking up to “showtime” Cebu which had a competing team from Minglanilla and then headed off to double check our Smart Bro share it connection. Quick speed test and it came back at 0.04 (should be 1.00+) well I know it should reach 2mb with the two connections so to say its poor is an understatement. A quick phone call and the same excuses later. “we have put it to our technical support and they will contact you within 24hrs”. Its been a month and not once have they called back in the number of times we have called them. They are simply doing nothing but stalling. So enough is enough packed up the crappy routers and took them back to the agent at PLDT who quickly passed the buck to the SM branch as they cant process it at the PLDT branch. Yet they were quick enough selling it to us from there? Well no point arguing I needed a desk to stick them on so I can stop paying for the damn things. 20 minutes later I was in SM North wing at Smart Bro another wait on a ticket system and finally I can deal with someone who can actually do something. First issue was “im not the client” as my wife ordered the units. But I had already drafted a letter before I left the house that April signed. Next was I needed ID what do I need ID for im returning units? ? Do they ask the same question for couriers? After a discussion I dumped one of the routers there and kept one to keep the net connection going until we get the canopy service. A lot of people may say the canopy service is bad but we already have the service nearby which is running at 750kbs the internet cafe was managing on 400kbs at best and still managing to get customers so reducing our costs by P1,000 a month and getting a reliable stable connection is all we really need then hopefully it will stop a lot of the errors im also getting on software. I think the updates are being corrupted due to poor connection causing data loss. Left all relevant paperwork and complaints processed as well as the long log of calls that were made to Smart about the service.

It was about now life got interesting. SM is very busy at the moment by the way the overspill car park has some sort of stage going up so be warned parking is busy. Anyway the SRP has been a bit congested after 3pm lately so I decided to cut through the city to save time. Good or bad is hard to say as I ended up breaking down near Mango square. Who helped push the jeepy out of the middle lane of the road? was it fellow motorists.. you can bet for sure they wouldnt! their idea of helping is beeping horns as that seems to fix most things?? anyway luckily 3 of the tubig (water) sellers helped get it to the side of the road. Radiator was out of water so refilled and we managed to bump start it. I gave the guys P200 for helping some of you may think that is too much but to be honest I would rather overpay and have them help me again if I need it than be left stranded. A good investment as I started heading home I began to wonder what is causing the problems with the engine as it overheated the other day aswell which was very unusual. Knowing from previous experiences of when I first started driving I came to the conclusion it must be alternator trouble which was proven right about 5 minutes later as my lights started to dim. Now driving home in the dark with no lights tucking in tight behind vehicles to avoid being picked up for not having lights by the police I drifted through 4 intersections with traffic police. Luck was on my side and I managed to make it home. I had switched off the lights to conserve power also the engine began to stall with them on as it was beginning to kill the engine which is why it eventually stopped right under the Mango tree with the light at Aprils parents place. I quick check of the engine found that the fan belt had come off and jammed behind the fan. A quick repair tomorrow and back on the road. One of the main reasons we bought the jeepy in the first place is there is very little to go wrong. The engine is a 1997 Toyota Engine out of a Corolla it has the extra pulley for the air conditioning or power steering neither really needed on our open Jeepy. But the rock solid chassis and engine will no doubt keep us on the road for years to come.

So internet will hopefully be sorted within a week, made it home and repairs to the jeepy are 30 minutes in the morning was it a good day, bad day or a Smart Bro day?

Either way tomorrow is another day and im just looking forward to getting things sorted so I can get on with something that generates more income.