Golden silk orb weaver spider – Cebu, Philippines

Golden silk orb weaver spider - Philippines

I accidently came across the type of spiders that have been sat outside our house for the last few months. They were interesting in the way they build new webs everyday but also we haven’t had any problems with green fly since they arrived. The Golden Silk Orb Weaver Spider are very colourful but also look rather aggressive but without a doubt they are unlike most spiders I have come across in the house.

First thing that is a bit different is they don’t seem bothered by humans, they don’t go and cower in a corner they simply just sit where they are which is how I managed to get a lot of photos of the critters. Once I found out about the spider I did a bit of looking up to find that they do have venom that can cause breathing problems, blistering and scars in severe cases but like I said earlier in the post they seem fairly disinterested in humans and the fact they build a web they aren’t wandering around the house as generally they build around plants and flowers only real risk is if your disturbing them. But even then I doubt it would do anything in most cases. Either way I would say though due to the way they kill bugs and help your plants its well worth leaving them to do their bit as it saves you on squirting down your plants with soapy liquid to kill bugs and on top of that there are new webs everyday giving some interesting arrangements.