Going Thai in RP

Well i have had a locked shoulder for the last few weeks and can’t shake it off so today we decided to head for a massage at a local parlour in Minglanilla. A new experience for me as im generally one to stretch it out or pile deep heat on strained muscle etc. But thought lets give it a try.

We arrived at the Parlour which seemed very small from outside. Went in and the prices were very reasonable. P250 which was including my back massage and April’s foot spa. They give you some slip on flip-flops when you enter and then head up to a booth. The booth is made from coco lumber frame with cotton panels and doors. What people may find surprising is that you lay on a mattress on the floor. Unlike the tables you generally find the West. A small Pinoy (Filipino male) stretched me this way and that and I think I got my moneys worth as he never stopped sweating (I am not a small guy) at one point seemed his legs were in the air and his entire weight was on his thumbs. 30 minutes later after the battle with my back he served me some green tea and that was that. It was relaxing to a point but im not used to having a guy round me and the woman would have had no chance in loosening my muscles up. I’m still a bit stiff but feel a bit looser in the bottom of my spine so small bonus.. But I would recommend a visit to a Parlour if you’re in the Philippines or Thailand if you have never been as it’s an experience you may not come across to often. Would I go again? Probably but with someone prepared to walk on my back to try to click it back into shape. Maybe I need Russian woman wrestler for the job? Either way give it a try!