Going tea total

The longer your here the longer you realise most conversations revolve round having a beer and the more people you know the more regular you start drinking beer. The problem I have is a mix of the beer and the weather because this mix generally means you’ve drunk a lot more than you thought and personally although I only have a few beers every few weeks it’s come to a point where I want to not have any at all. I think the principles have all changed on the way I want to see life here and the fact priorities are family and orientation should be based round doing family things rather than the meet ups I generally have with others at resto bars etc. So from today beers completely off the cards and looking forward to not having it and instead of sipping on a San Mig will be taking the kids swimming instead.

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  1. Jakinthebox
    April 10, 2011 at 7:29 am

    Should be working not drinking get back to the grind stone young man!