Going Back To The UK

Its odd how many people assumed going back to the UK is financial yet its something I have never mentioned, reason for that is finances have nothing to do with it. The reason the UK is on the cards is down to education, facilities and social networking of the kids. Financially we are fine here and if we are in the UK our income just doubles as we have incomes in both countries. I do find it odd how people always assume everything in life is about cash, isn’t the financial crisis going on at the moment showing what thinking purely about money does?

We are fine and have never struggled in the whole time I have been in the Philippines. We have experimented with different projects and generally that’s something we enjoy doing. Someone sent me an email thanking me adding that “I was the only person he found online with real world experience”. Which may be true as a lot of the stuff online is in easy to buy e-books yet many make their money from selling the e-books. Which isn’t rocket science but I have spent time with different people with different business ventures and generally willing to help where I can. I remember a conversation came up about someone that spent a couple of days trying to get something resolved to no avail and mentioning it to a friend that if he came to me in the first place it would have been sorted. His reply was “why do I know everything?” the answer is no but like many things I know people who are in different fields and willing to help out other people. A good lawyer to deal with LTO via people I know in the Jeepney business for example or an immigration officer that can give advice on issues. I don’t have all the answers but the point is I do my best to put people in touch with others that can help.

We started here in the Philippines with an initial monthly budget of P15,000 a month to experiment how small a budget could be done here for a family. Wasn’t the fact we didn’t have cash as even then I spent 4 month stints in the UK working but anything we brought in we invested. Generally that’s how things started and have progressed to the point now where we have multiple things going on many aren’t on the blog as they are irrelevant to what most people would want to do. Not a case of some secret going on or illegal activity just the fact its irrelevant to Philippines life as its not here.

But also with the current economic problems in Europe affecting government contracts I have decided to also wait until next year before heading off as the winter window is closing on contracts and this turmoil is no doubt going to affect budgets in April so a lot of things will be a lot slower than normal. We aren’t in a rush as UK schooling for Zoei wouldn’t happen for another 2 years which is why we will spend more time here. At the same time watching Ewe the last month starting to develop as a character don’t really want to be abroad ahead for months as I would miss the kids here at the same time also having the issue of not seeing Nicole back in the UK until I return there. Life is never simple that’s for sure.