Getting your life in balance in the Philippines


The more time I spend here the more time I realise I need to take time out every now and then and the same goes for everyone involved in our ventures. So today we headed off upto Tubod flowing waters which is a resort about 10minutes from the house to lounge around the pool and have a relaxing swim. As you can see from the photo Zoei had a great time and just as important everyone could switch off for a little while. In future I will be looking to do a day a monthFILE0123 where everyone can relax with doing either things as a group or having things like a Spa day the important thing is everyone gets that bit of time to themselves. If your at home generally you find you do something else that is stimulating the mind or keeping you active. The whole concept now is for at least the one day a month you should do nothing. Literally everything is done for you. It was also another thing getting the Yaya as originally I could see no need for having someone to take care of Zoei. But having one you realise how much time is taken up running around after Zoei especially if your busy with other things at the same time. It has also allowed everyone else to concentrate on what they are doing and getting enough rest. I just hope the YaYa is happy as its pretty much a job for life if she wants it. Its also allowed April to relax although getting her to completely to relax is impossible. More of a “slow down” than anything else. But we are looking forward to the new addition to the family later on this year so its important even if April is finding sitting around sometimes boring that she does do it.