Getting to the real Philippines

A lot of people need to get out more to experience the real Philippines after a bit of time here you begin to feel the isolation of not having the social circles you normally have with work and from your neighbourhood and friends because literally you are 1000s of miles away. It doesn’t mean its all disaster but it does mean you need to change your view on life and things you do to beat boredom sometimes it could be as simple as walking a few times a week to your local stores. Taking a tricab instead of taxi. Just adding a bit of variety. One thing is for sure if your in the city and feeling that way you need to get out and travel. Buy a local travel map for the sights and get some help from locals and expats on the places to visit. But sometimes if I’m personally bored or stressed I will just take a ride out on my scooter. Sometimes to the mountains sometimes just to the next town. It gives you the time to think aswell as take in the location. One thing I done yesterday which is something I hate was walk on sand. After a long drive we were ready to relax and have fun.. Just remember if your sitting in  a Sub division and bored your on an island full of natural beauty.. personally I advise travel by jeep its built for the roads and the open doors allow quick stopping for photos aswell as good airflow