Getting the most out of living in Cebu

You have to remember that the area you live in is a very small part of the Philippines and infact Cebu itself. Marketing is very poorly done here and often you will find things right on your doorstep you never knew existed. Best method I have found of finding things is word of mouth, maps and the internet are still very empty when it comes to good information on the Philippines. So part of “getting the most” is remembering to give some back.. if you find something that others may find interesting drop me a simple post with a few photos and its location and I will happily add it into the system. But the main thing is if living here is to take your time and look around your local area first building up a bigger picture as well as finding the little niche places that people mainly miss. There are waterfalls for example that very few people know locations of as they are not easily accessible often needing to be reached by trekking which is also a natural beauty aspect as you know little has been done to damage the area.

A motorcycle is also a key piece of equipment due to the terrain here as well as opening up new routes to explore it allows you to travel further in a day. One thing I will advise though is to at least take a couple of days out a month from your usual routine to actually find places, take a ride on motorcycle or a walk along routes you haven’t been before. Walking is also good on routes you normally travel via transport because you will find you missed a lot of things that can only be found on foot. The Philippines is setup in what seems to be a society based on word of mouth or that you already know it exists. So as the newcomers we have to do the ground work ourselves.