Getting Motivated For The Travel Around Cebu

Today was one of those days when you can start to see progress. I have been sat up a few weeks while I was waiting for the money from Mr Internet from various sources who always seem to drag they’re heals when they pay you although do find the transfers also as slow as the UK here. But either way the lens is now snuggly fitted to the camera and I started shooting off shots as soon as I got back on the bike (was a passenger not driver). Tomorrow is going to see an adventure in getting the driving license sorted and possibly grabbing a new battery on the way home for the jeepy that’s still here. Looks like a beach trip will be happening once we get a dry spell as we are either going to see the jeepy or the multicab springing to life this month. Also an interesting thing happened when we went to park to grab the new lens in the fact there was only one motorcycle outside the front of Baseline (Baseline is a building) which happens to be the CB 110cc I want to buy and also in blue. I was initially concerned about the size of the bike as most of the bikes seem a bit small for my body frame but have to say the styling of the bike I was pretty impressed with as well as its size and shape.

The next stage is sorting out locations of things to see and go to as everything is starting to take shape in the right direction for a change. Won’t be getting the motorbike this month but stuck a few pesos away for when we do buy it.

On a final note was a bit surprised to receive a gift off someone recently as a thank you which to be honest is something that doesn’t happen too often. Not that I don’t help people out just that not many actually appreciate what I did for them. Although have to admit a few people I also emailed this month about things they had been doing to point out ways they could improve they’re websites have all come back very positive. Which is one of the things I found odd that nobody emailed me about a free report on they’re site. What’s the catch? nothing at all it was more to do with I own the software and its already paid for so doing the report would only cost me 5 minutes of my time but may actually help someone who’s website isn’t doing well.

Now nearly 2am on the 5th of August and the month’s looking good so far. No headaches, no complications but still got another 25 days for something to happen, at the same time getting motivated for the travel around Cebu as well as looking forward to seeing as much as I can.