Getting ill in Cebu, Philippines

Although there is plenty of hospitals and medical care available generally I avoid it at all costs. Also if its something minor I prefer to just ride it out as its better for the immune system. The only problem I have found since coming to the Philippines is I am more ill than I am at any other time of my life.. Currently I have had a fever that appears around 12.00 everyday and later again in the afternoon quickly followed by being worn out before 8pm and pretty much the body is shutting down for sleep. Which is the complete opposite to the way I normally am which is why its become very frustrating as I have things to do but keep getting worn out before I can get on with things. Before people start shouting Dengue I have had that previously and the affects are a lot more severe with Dengue. So is it a virus who knows its heading into week three and its why the blog seems to have slowed down a bit since I just can’t keep up with it at the moment as the body is pulling me in the opposite direction.

But in a generalisation I do think Westerners are more prone to illness than locals here as no doubt if April went to the UK she would suffer with a lot of colds the immune system isn’t setup for the local bacteria and diseases. Give it time though should be fine if it doesn’t kill me

1 comment for “Getting ill in Cebu, Philippines

  1. Tropicalpenpals
    July 24, 2010 at 6:22 am

    it's down to your sleeping habits boss, you are often off-frame in terms of proper time to rest, over fatigued from working late nights straight for a week!