Getting Bogged Down By Bad Poor Internet Service In The Philippines

Another day without internet from Smart Bro “Super wireless” although today should see the arrival of so called engineers to align the antenna something that should have already been done. Thing is its very likely we are going to cut this connection anyway after all the hassles of getting them to fix it out of principle. We have two connections and with the current move about 80% finished we will be moving the other internet connection over to the apartment we are moving into.

The problem I currently have is as we are moving I can’t use my computer in my office as its where we currently have a bad internet connection and the internet connection we are about to move is in the apartment that is nearly empty. To sit and write this I am actually lay on a sofa bed with my laptop on the floor as all the furniture has already been moved.

What I do wonder though is how bad is the business services from the ISPs in the Philippines because this has cost me money being unable to work properly now for over 6 weeks but luckily enough I don’t employ anyone online. What happens if you have a call centre or a web development company with the same problem who’s going to foot the bill in lost income and productivity?

Once moved back to the UK developing internet based businesses offshore is going to be key to setting up a long-term business in the Philippines with revenues that are taxed here and not touched in my UK income tax. Expanding while abroad may seem crazy for some at the same time a lot of this stuff I can monitor online as well as the fact the biggest drain on any business when I am in the Philippines can be me because I am the most expensive thing to maintain in any business. Going to the UK may simply improve profits simply by not being here even if productivity goes down. Although still need the basics such as a working internet connection!