Getting back to being fun

I noticed over the last year I haven’t been myself partly because of needing projects to develop, concerns about Nicole and how to develop our future best. Its sort of took the fun me out of me for a while.. The first apartment should be finished in the next two weeks and after that we will start the Sari-Sari store closely followed by the second apartment. But the difference is the second apartment isn’t such a rush. A lot of people would assume I came to the Philippines for the laid back lifestyle etc. but there was only one reason that brought me to Cebu and that was to meet my now wife April. I do enjoy the laid back lifestyle but with it often comes laid back attitude. For example there was painting and filling work offered to someone. When will they start? Monday. Why? because they don’t want to work the weekend as it interferes with drinking.. It’s something I will never get used to on those levels and also why we me and Paps were discussing mechanising adding more equipment with every job we complete until we have accumulated enough to not only speed up work on projects but with minimum labour. Some Filipino’s may think this is a bit unfair but nobody ever thinks about the fact the building needs to be finished and they have a choice to work or not. It is not a decision I would choose to do if there was other options but currently I want people to work when they are needed not when they feel like it.

These are the sort of things that have been zapping my positive attitude that is more fun loving in general. Top that with getting little contact from Nicole back in the UK and worrying about Aprils health its all a bit of a pit of stress lately. Don’t worry the old self is still there and about to start getting back to normal. Prime example is a trip to a local resort on Monday for everyone as its about time we had a break. I have been in the Philippines nearly four months and have pretty much been working every day with something or another. Pool day it is 🙂

I have also got a few projects I WANT to try rather than needing to do things. First of these being a solar water heater. We are buying a new large water tank to feed the main house and the two apartments which gives us a secondary tank to turn into a hot water storage vessel. Just have to toy around with getting the heating side up and running and should be enough hot water for the 3 properties and only cost the construction expenses. Wish it was that easy in the

The aquaponics is still on hold not only because of the construction but also because of dust coming from the works as it would likely contaminate the plants and fish so another thing on the back burner for now.

All in all things are starting to fall into place though and hopefully can start enjoying some of the more positive things in the Philippines.