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One thing you will realise quickly is that there are multiple versions of public transport here and at the airport your first will be the white taxi cab. Which are generally used by the upper and what would be called the middle classes anywhere else but they are considerably poorer than similar doctors or teachers in the West Most salaries dont go anywhere near £200 a month. But the rise of the Telesales and call centres are offering salaries of around £300 a month. Getting back to transport. You will find the majority of the population and myself prefer to use different modes depending where we are going. If im going into the city to the SM Mall i would take the KMK bus as its airconditioned and runs the full route. But there are multicabs which run sections of road for less than 10pence for the first 4km and a reduced rate there after.

multicab, philippines transportation,local bus
multicab,bus,philippines transportation

As you can see they can take 16 or

and i have
even seen
some that
have been
some taking as
many as 34 passengers. They appear to have replaced many of the original jeepneys that were original American Jeeps modified into passenger vehicles.Although i wouldnt like to be in a crash in one of these vehicles as they lack much strength most of the vehicles here are travelling at less than 40mph due to the traffic congestion and also traffics failure to have
break lights, indicators working or at night some vehicles have no lights at all. But i have yet to see one of these vehicles in a crash. Motorbikes yes and i wont offer people advise on tricycles as you need to make your own mind up. Because some locations there is no alternative.
tricycle,philippines transportation,triketricycle,philippines transportation,trike

I use the tricycle regularly because they drop me right outside my destination as you can see with the designs they are often covered with lights, aerials and other decorations to make them look pretty. They carry upto 6 passengers on the ones shown. But there is also smaller which is basically a motorcyle that has an extended frame. These are called “habal habal” on these you sit behind the rider and ive seen these types of motorbike carrying 4 passengers but ive heard from others of 6. The term “Habal Habal” is a bit of a joke term as its what pigs do when they are having sex and from the side of the bike due to the way people sit in front of each other its not too far from a similar picture.  The next mode of transport that i dont see much of around Cebu is BMX bikes with a side car which are generally used to run people up sub division roads from main roads. Ive also rode this type of vehicle but be warned at night they have no lights and could become a target of someone with poor eyesight.

For longer journeys there are buses and V Hire (V hire are basically just a minibus which is available for private hire). Driving i would avoid until you know a few people and know where your going. The traffic system here is no less than chaos. Flashing your head lights tells people your not stopping and are driving through! Beeping your horn tells people you are over taking or undertaking. Either way the majority of the population do not follow any real traffic system and you could end up with a trip to the hospital. Street signs i have only seen a few times and even if they were there they are too difficult to spot. So trying to drive round with a map is pretty useless unless your heading out to the provinces. One good bit of advice is find landmarks to find your way back. Motorcycle and scooter rental is available at very cheap rates but most are under maintained and the roads are dangerous for people with little knowledge of the area.

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