Getting A Philippines Driving License (At Talisay, Cebu, Philippines) And Process

Philippines driving license

Today was a bit of a venture in getting things organised as I have been taking things easy with the weather and waiting for money to arrive so haven’t been as motivated as much as I normally would be.

But dragged my butt off to the LTO office to get a license conversion from a UK license to a Philippines one at around 1.30pm. Had a bit of time wasted as the old LTO office was at city hall but has now moved to Robinsons completely. Not a big issue as I went on the back of a motorcycle but for others its worth noting as getting to the town hall is off the beaten track to start with never mind finding out you didn’t need to go there.

Anyway arrived at Robinsons Mall which is along the main road between Lipata and Tabunok in Cebu, the building is at the back on the right as you enter the main car park just follow the road round.

Reception guys were very helpful and identified what you need to do before processing and it can all be done on site :-

  • Photocopy your passport with all dates you have been in the Philippines for me this was about 8 pages.
  • Photocopy the front page of your passport.
  • Head to the top floor and get a urine and medical test.

Photocopying cost P20 and is located at the bottom of the stairwell heading up to the drug testing.

Receptionist at the drug testing will give you 2 forms to fill in already pre-marked with red pen for the locations you need to fill in. Takes about 10 minutes and nothing to worry about mainly data about height and weight.

By the time I finished the paperwork it was time for the urine test no helpful pointers here except to drink water before you arrive. By the time I had handed the sample in it was time for my medical check up. To say nothing to worry about would be an understatement but could be because I already have an existing driving license as the only thing done was my weight and a quick conversation.

Back to reception and handing over of P300 for the drug test and P100 for the medical. Sitting back down you just have to wait for the test to come back and then you will be handed a set of paperwork for taking to LTO already stapled in the right order.

Arriving back down to LTO go to the reception desk again at which point they will give you yet another sheet of paper to fill in. If your not sure which license your applying for ask as they will fill that in for you. Main ones though are 1. Motorcycle and 2. Car/motorised vehicle. Takes about 5 minutes then hand the form back to the reception who will then give you a ticket number and direct you to your first window.

The process involves then photographs and electronic finger prints and pretty much that’s it besides waiting and paying. Total fees P550 and you can pick it up there and then.


  • Photocopying P20
  • License fees P550
  • Drug test P400

Total :- P970

One of those things I should have got out of the way sooner but also would advise looking for your nearest office and not the busy one in the city.